Learn The Truth About Annuities
Don't Get Sucked Into An EVIL Annuity Contract

First of all, What is an Annuity?
An Annuity is a contract between you and an insurance company. You make payments to them for many years and they invest your money in the stock market. Then, sometime in the future, they give you payments of your own money from the result of the investments they made for you.

How does the insurance company make money from my annuity?
Insurance companies make money by milking the payments you make to your annuity. The agent that gets you to sign the contract makes about 4 times the commission on an annuity than he does with a mutual fund sale. Good for him/her, but bad for you. You are paying that commission! Insurance companies charge fees and you are paying those fees too. When you retire, you receive payments of your own money less a percentage that the insurance company keeps. In other words, the insurance company uses your money to make big money for them and they give you peanuts in return.

Can I trust what my agent tells me?
There is a reason your trusted friends and family don't tell you to buy an annuity. They have no money incentive and most of them have just paid into it and never received any benefit. 82% never collect any money from their annuity, so they made payments for years with little or nothing to show. Using common sense, do you think your agent's huge commission could cause him to sell you something, not very good for you? Do you really think he/she would be honest enough to steer you to something where he/she made very little money?

What if I decide to cancel the annuity?
Annuity contracts are complex and the average person will not read it, but will rely on the (trusted) agent to explain the contract. When you realize that it was a mistake to enter into an annuity and decide to cancel it, you learn about the surrender fees. Wow! What a ripoff! The surrender fee is to prevent you from moving your money somewhere else.


Here's My Story - I Created This Website To Help You...
In 1991, at the advice of my trusted insurance agent, I opened a variable annuity to tax defer some income.The money I invested was put into the stock market by the company. I was never told about the fees or commissions that I was paying or about the surrender charge that I would eventually pay. I've watched the value go up and down based upon what the stock market was doing. I soon realized that the value of what I could withdraw when I retired and needed the money, would be based upon where the stock market was at the time.

I've never received an accounting of what fees I've paid or how much the commission to the agent was. All that was hidden from me. It is common sense that the insurance company is making a hefty profit from my account because they paid a big agent's commission to get me signed up and, after all, they must make a decent profit from me or why would they want me to be a customer. After 17 years of investing in this annuity, my investment did not even double in size. I could have made more money in interest in a money market bank account.

I did some research and discovered that most retirement accounts are instruments by companies that use your money to make big profits at the account holders expense. Mutual fund manager's charge massive fees to manage the fund and sometimes churn the portfolio, but at least you can sell your funds without paying a surrender charge, just the spread. The annuity I had, charged me a surrender fee of $880 on my own money. Can you believe that? It was my money! They went back 10 years and charged me a penalty on the money I deposited in that time. And I didn't really withdraw the money - I rolled it over into a self directed IRA. Yes, I'm upset about that, but at least I found a really good investment to move the money into.

I'm tired of 2% or 3% a year or losing money because the stock market is down. After much research I found that more and more people are investing in land, but not just any land. Land in the path of massive population growth. All the giant companies like Walmart have a method to search for sites for new stores where the population is heading. Land is much cheaper in a pre-developed area than in an already developed city, making their new stores much cheaper to build..

You've probably seen stores, medical centers, and housing being built out in what you thought was "the sticks" and then 5 years later it is all built up. You could have bought an acre of land in "the sticks" for $5,000 but now that same acre 5 years later is selling for $100,000! And guess what? 10 years later that same acre might be selling for a MILLION dollars. I found that this appreciation of land is nothing new, it was only new to my awareness. I thought back to 1991 when I bought my lousy annuity and thought, wow, if I had purchased some land back then in the right place it would have appreciated more than 10 times what I paid for it. It makes me sick to think about missing out on having a ton of money now, only because I didn't know about land banking back in 1991. I decided it was not too late for me.

I found a company called ACE Capital Group that uses a 10 point system like Walmart to select property in an area destined for poplulation growth and therefore big appreciation. I looked at their list of client properties and their average annual appreciation. Even though some people's property appreciated over 50% a year most were in the 20% range. I was wildly excited. Banks are only paying 2% to 3% interest and my miserable annuity had lost $4,000 in the last few months. I learned that ACE has been buying and selling land in the Antelope Valley area outside of Los Angeles because the poplulation of Los Angeles is expanding tremendously and there is only one affordable place for them to go - Antelope Valley, CA.

There is still a lot of land there, but investors are buying and holding it for investment and developers are buying it and building like crazy there, which then reduces the supply. You know what that means - prices go up as supply goes down. The housing market is slow and has lost value, but land prices in Antelope Valley are continuing to go up!

What has really worked out well for me is that I moved my money from the miserable annuity to a self directed IRA. Then I used my new IRA to buy the land. I didn't have to borrow money, so I have no monthly payments. When I sell my land in 5 to 10 years, the huge profit will stay in my IRA, so I won't have to pay tax on it. If it appreciates to $1.5 million then at 4% interest, I can have $5,000 each and every month, without touching the $1.5 mil.

If I live to be 94 years old like my grandfather did then I will have 30 years of $5,000 per month and no worries about money when I'm old and can't work, Then, when I give up the ghost, the $1.5 million goes to my heir. Had I left my money in that miserable annuity then the insurance company would have made big money and I would have to continue working after retirement or live in poverty. I was so impressed with the integrity and client results of ACE that I decided to become an agent and help others get out of their evil annuity and invest in land for a better retirement. What are you going to do?

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Below is a list of companies that sell annuities. Ask yourself: would they sell annuities if they did not make money from them? Ask them: is there a surrender charge to exit the plan?




Allianz LIC/No.Am.

American General

Am. Mayflower L.I.

American National


Equitrust LIC

Fidelity & Guaranty

Fidelity & Guaranty NY /NY only

First Colony

GE Capital Assurance

GE Capital of NY /NY only


ING USA Annuity & LIC


Jeff. Pilot LifeAmerica /NY only

John Hancock Life Ins.

Kansas City LIC

Lincoln Benefit

MetLife Investors Ins. Co.(an affiliate of Metropolitan LIC)

Metropolitan LIC (MetLife)

Midland National Life

Physicians Life Ins. Co.


Security Mutual Life

Standard of Indiana

United of Omaha

United States Life /NY only


When it comes to investing there are many ways to put your money to work and many people out there that will be happy to tell you the best paying method, but most don't really know the most profitable way to invest someone else's money. Most investments are put into the stock market whether through an IRA or a 401K plan at work. Most people think that the only type of investment in a 401K or IRA is in stocks or mutual funds. Usually the brokers are motivated by commissions to put you into one of these vehicles. But, since the self directed IRA started people can now make their own investments and those can be in real estate.

Pre-developed Land is a great investment because buying land when it is plentiful and in low demand makes it affordable and when the developers move in your direction, the land values can skyrocket. This is commonly known as land banking. Land banking is the act of buying cheap land in the path of growth to take advantage of appreciation at some time in the future.
Making an investment for a steady income stream is fun when your investments perform as you expected. This website is to educate as to one way someone can use existing money in their IRA, 401K, or other retirement account and invest it in the security of real estate rather than in the volatile stock market. Retirement comes fast and not having a steady income when you need it most is a sad thing. Wise people prepare for the future. Now is the time to prepare for your retirement with a nice big IRA account that will provide you with plenty of interest money to live on.